Rose and Cross Fit

Here’s a year of celebrations and lots of love! Xoxo

bubbles and mash

First celebration of the year!

Tonight I celebrated with my very good girlfriend, Stephanie. 

What did we drink? We lucked out tonight because we hit a great Downtown Phoenix hotspot that normally doesn’t sell champagne by the glass…but as luck would have it, they had an open bottle of Rose. It was delicious! And as this is my first effort and I’m not quite on my game…I know nothing else about this champagne. And our photo is a bit rough. But it’s a start!

S & S at Cibo August 1

Where were we? We began our celebration at Cibo Urban Pizzeria Cafe… an absolutely adorable restaurant in a revitalized 1913 Phoenix house that serves delicious pizza (although we did not dine tonight) and has a top-10 patio for date night. Incredibly romantic, with starry white lights and a live guitar player. They also allow dogs to join you on the patio, so I’m a huge…

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How to find your element

RSA Shorts & Sir Ken Robinson put together another great quick thought-provoking piece on education.

*Found via Good:

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New American Leaders Project & Promise Arizona

So proud to be part of the NALP family! Immigrant leaders – stand up! 

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HLI Retreat: The Power of Latino Leadership


There are so many thoughts running through my head after today’s leadership retreat with the Hispanic Leadership Institute. My head was spinning with thoughts, questions, ideas, and an absolute thirst for more. We spent the day with Juana Bordas, president of Mestiza Leadership International and a true expert in the development of Latino leaders. I left the retreat feeling energized and inspired to drive change for my community. I won’t go into details of the programming for the day but I will share my personal reflections, take-aways and the tangible outcomes and next steps that I intend to build upon as a result.  Continue reading

Servant Leadership: Story of self


Tonight we heard from Daniel Ortega Jr., a prominent Latino figure in Arizona and strong advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. He opened with an introduction of himself and what led him to take the leadership journey he has committed his life to and it got me thinking about my own story. So I thought I would share a reflection I put together for the Teach For America Latino Summit last September. This is me… where I came from and why I do what I do … enjoy!  Continue reading

Dr. Benjamin Carson – National Prayer Breakfast

Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast. I loved his take on education.

Carson Scholar Fund:

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Hispanic Leadership Institute: A call to action for education


My Hispanic Leadership Institute session tonight was once again centered around the important role of education for the betterment of Arizona. We heard from four incredible leaders in Arizona education including: Leticia de la Vara, Expect More Arizona; Ian Danley, Phoenix Union High School District Board Member; Paul Luna, President and CEO Helios Education Foundation; and Rachel Bennett Yanof, Phoenix Collegiate Academy. Every individual brought their unique perspectives and experiences on education but all shared one common vision and goal – every child in Arizona deserves a world class education.  Continue reading

Hispanic Leadership Institute: Latino Education

Happy Girl Hopscotch in Strawberry Free Creative+Commons

Happy Girl Hopscotch in Strawberry Free Creative+Commons

My time at Teach For America has taught me so much about myself and own personal commitment to the Latino community. I have always felt the need to support the advancement of Latinos in America, but I have never felt such a sense of responsibility to ensure that my community prospers. Teach For America has taught me many things but the single most important lesson has been the need for Latinos to take a seat at the table where the critical conversations are happening. No more can we allow others who do not live our experiences and share our backgrounds tell us what we need and what we should do to improve our community. We need to lead our communities. We need to voice our opinions. We must demand change. We must drive our own destiny. Continue reading

Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future

Saw this video at The Third Teacher Plus Salon in Phoenix last week.  I thought it was great and I had to share!

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Educator: Lending a hand to refugees in America

Video shared by Nayara DeSousa, Fall 2011 HED 691: Entrepreneurial Educators student